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Discover how the Blue Princess book was written with automatic writing.

“The mysterious realm of the unseen
Patiently awaited to be discovered
As the time of danger drew nigh
One tiny fae whispered the secrets.”
~Nazan Saatci 2008

(From the book, The Blue Princess):

Dear Children,

This letter is about a series of incredible events that I have only been able to share with a few close friends so far. What happened was so extraordinary that for a long time I hesitated to put my thoughts and feelings into words. These events really happened, and with the point I’ve reached in time, I no longer hesitate to share them with you.

I know that in these matters, you children are ahead of us adults by miles. Your unconditioned consciousness and your pure souls that merge with your unspoiled hearts offer you a miracle above and beyond the experiences that are offered to us adults. That is fine, and as long as you don’t lose that ability, you will see miracles taking place for the rest of your lives.

So, with a pure heart and deep connection to the fairy queendom, I share this excerpt with you now.

A Mysterious Whisperer

Everything started on that very special Sunday morning. A voice whispered the words “Blue Princess” into my ear. It was in a moment when I had just woken from sleep but wasn’t quite ready to open my eyes.

With this voice, I was suddenly startled and promptly got up. There was no one else around; I was alone in the room. I felt almost enchanted, and I was certainly mesmerized.

I tried to identify the mysterious voice. Was it a woman’s voice? The magical effect of that whisper left me neither that day nor the following days. It just kept repeating in my ears!

I wondered, what could Blue Princess be? Who whispered these words in my ear? Since it wasn’t related to our real world, where could this voice have come from? Do other dimensions and other beings really exist? At first, I couldn’t find the answers to these questions, but in time, everything took its proper shape.

In the days that followed this event, whenever I thought of the phrase Blue Princess, rhyming verses came out of nowhere. They spilled from my lips on their own accord in English, and both surprised and guided me in this experience.

My dear Majesty and Queen, you both are bright!

Listen to everything that this fool will tell you tonight.

Pay attention and be all ears,

Soon you will wipe away your tears.

Your land is immense; your kingdom is great,

Your proclamation can reach every home and gate.

Never be sad or be unsure,

You can search and ask for a cure!

A Storybook Through Automatic Writing

“Yes!” I said to myself. There is a king and queen and a court jester… Blue Princess must be a storybook!

A few days later, I found myself sitting at my desk in my bedroom, writing the story of The Blue Princess. And in the following six months—without knowing what I was writing about, without calculating the end of the story or the characters in it, and without constructing anything—I just wrote.

If this were the extent of it all, perhaps I would never have written this foreword. I’d never understand the whispering muse and I would brag  about my talent as most artists do. However, the mysterious events continued, following one after another.

A Fairy Character

I had only written a few chapters when my sister Rezan asked, “Did you notice that you are writing the story like a fairytale? I think you should add a fairy character to it. What do you think? Will you put a fairy in this story?

“No!” I said sternly, “It might have started out like a fairytale, but this is just a  children’s fantasy story; no fairies, or the like. That is all I need now.”

Yes, I said exactly that to my sister! I was totally blind to the existence of fairies, and I’m a bit embarrassed about that now. Not long after that conversation, I met little “miracles” (fairies) each with a different tone, and always heard from above, whom I would later connect with and even call my friends. I call them miracles because they are supernatural.

Fairies Are Real!

It took a long time for me to accept the fact that fairies were real and were existing in the universe. Each day, when I woke up, I asked myself if everything that was happening was truly real. I worried while waiting to hear their voices again, fearing they would disappear. It wasn’t too long of a wait though … And from the moment I realized that they were contacting me one-on-one, they became my friends.

Every day, I ran to the kitchen and held my breath for their arrival. Some days they didn’t come, but some days they visited me more than once. The fairies were real, and I was establishing contact with them in a very mysterious way.

I won’t talk about what I felt like when they arrived, the energy they shared, or what I had experienced since those things won’t fit into a few lines here. However, I know that one day, I will need to share this entire experience in detail. As a matter of fact, I think of it as an important mission that I was asked to engage in philanthropy-wise, though I cannot be sure.

In Chapter 6, the little Blue Princess is connecting with a little fairy. How does she do that? The same way I do, but mine is inside the house, while the Blue Princess’s fairy is in the garden.

But from now on, as Rezan had suggested, it would be a little fairy girl in the story. Let’s turn to some other interesting events that I lived through during the time the book was written.

Blue Princess Plant

Toward the end of the story, I learned that the Blue Princess was, in fact, a red berry-type of plant. Interestingly enough, the Blue Princess took its place as a red berry in the first pages, as I had written it without knowing it.

As I was writing the last chapter, I saw in awe that the resolution of the story was hidden in the qualities of the Blue Princess plant. My Blue Princess character was also a berry plant!

Illustrating the Automatic Writing

The miracles of the Blue Princess do not end there. My search for an artist to illustrate the book took about a year, and regardless of how hard I tried, it turned out it wasn’t my lot to agree with anyone.

As someone who cannot even draw stick figures, one way or another, I drew forty illustrations within three months out of necessity. I was seeing the characters on the ceiling of my house and from then on had no difficulties in drawing them.

Fairytale Characters Are Real

After all of these miraculous happenings, I can give you young friends this message of truth…

Including fairies, all fairytale characters are real!

Unfortunately, fairy tales are our realities that we were forced to forget. From time to time, children talked about their experiences of this sort, but adults silenced them, saying it must be a dream.

Some adults wanted to share their experiences, but they kept silent thinking that people would think they were insane. Many artists also believed they received supernatural help while working on the marvelous pieces they created but didn’t say anything about it.

So, the voices of a few people with beautiful hearts who wanted to share their experiences sort of got lost among the negative approaches of others—others who live their lives with only their five senses, walling themselves up. Thus, in time, we’ve buried the truths inside the fairy tales and locked them away.

As you grew from childhood, the society of mankind made you forget about the truth. Unfortunately, I was among those adults who had forgotten the truth—until now! Now I believe with all of my heart and soul.


Dissolving the Boundaries

At this moment, I am certain that you are the very generation that needs to embrace this awesome awareness and start realizing it in your lives. Free thought protects you from those who want to put barriers around you.

When you set your soul free by destroying the walls, the boundaries will disappear, and your eyes will see the unseen, and your ears will hear the unheard.

While destroying these walls, you will feel the beings from different dimensions, learn to live with your soul, and receive help and power to the extent of your beliefs and desires. Learning to live with your soul pushes you to live your life carefully.

To live life with care is to live without harming living beings around you and to approach them with compassion and love.

One who manages to live life in a careful manner also knows that he or she is not alone in the world, and the challenges they face each and every day will make them stronger by overcoming these difficulties. Thus, their soul will rise along with the vibration of good energy across the planet.

I want all of you children to be open to every good and loving phenomenon that exists in this world.

Trust the special experiences that I’ve lived through while automatic writing The Blue Princess. With all my heart, I wish miracles to fall upon everyone’s life who reads or owns this book!

With love,
Nazan Saatci

THE BLUE PRINCESS Skech Cover Designs by Nazan Saatci 2018

Automatic Writing
Automatic Writing & the Fairies
Automatic Writing

In Fairy Voices, we believe that Saatci is not the only one having this kind of experience. Some people left themselves open to receive and undergo automatic writing without thinking anything about the story or characters but just listening to a spirit guide, which is very often a fairy.

Changing the World With Automatic Writing

In Fairy Voices, we believe that Saatci is not the only one having automatic writing or similar experiences. Some people left themselves open to receive and write without thinking anything about the story or characters but just listening to a spirit guide, which is very often a fairy.

Fairies probably have inspired you all of your life. They have lived with you even if you don’t realize it.

By opening your heart to the universe, nature, and animals, you maintain the love and mercy that makes that connection happen.

This is not limited to automatic writing but is open to all kinds of creativity.

In Fairy Voices, we are happy if we can do some good changes in this world and if we can be even a little help to the universe.

Because you are at our website and are reading and learning about all of these phenomena, we are hoping that it is your time too so you can join us and be their voices as well.

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Nazan saatci book Blue princess
Nazan saatci book Blue princess