What Are the Main Causes of Global Warming & Climate Change

As we’ve mentioned, the fairies have told us that something needs to be done about climate change and the issues that result from it. So, we’ll answer the question, “What are the main causes of global warming and climate change?” on this page.

What are the main causes of global warming

The Greenhouse Effect

One of the main causes of global warming is the “greenhouse effect.” It is the result of increased levels of gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, and more.

When these gasses are at small levels in the atmosphere, they don’t cause any problems. But when their combined levels increase, they become like a barrier. This traps the inferred radiation from the sun and causes the planet to overheat.

Why do these levels increase? We do! Industrial, agricultural, and other human activities continually create air pollution.

Fossil Fuels

Other causes of global warming are ozone-depleting substances, which are also manmade manufactured chemicals. Due to the use of non-sustainable assets, such as natural fuel formed in the Earth’s core (fossil fuels), the ozone layer is continually being depleted.

Fossils are the remains of living organisms that have changed to another form from natural forces over a long period of time. In industrial facilities, these products of the minerals are processed into more consumable goods, including gas, oil, or coal, which causes more damage.

The results of this process also add to the greenhouse effect. And it does not stop there.

Deforestation, Construction & Demolishing Natural Habitats

Deforestation, construction, and demolishing natural habitats are another critical threat and fundamental issue. Forests and timberland zones are constantly being obliterated to make room for buildings and structures for the expanding human population.

The warm atmosphere also causes backwood fires that destroy timberland and animals. As you can see, the rise in carbon dioxide as a result of deforestation has also added to the greenhouse effect.

Conclusion: Deforestation needs to stop, and afforestation must be encouraged and bolstered in every way.

We Need to be the Change

Painfully, most individuals are too self-centered and narrow-minded when it comes to personal gain and riches. Creatures and nature can’t safeguard themselves, so it is very easy to exploit them.

Over time, it is as though the universe is rendering its retribution; but this time, it is the humans that will suffer.

We are well aware of the fact that animals and plants usually flourish when undisturbed. However, with these sudden, massive changes influencing them, it is no surprise that some animals and plants are going extinct.

Our poor attitude toward the environment has resulted in much damage. With our refusal to acknowledge this, we are constantly hurting the animals, nature, guardians, and ourselves.

The Connection Between Plants & Fairies

A live plant has vitality, and nature spirits interchange their energy with plants. Therefore, when the plant life dies, their energy gets affected and becomes weaker.

Poisonous gases, chemicals and big fires diminish plant life, causing animals to die, thereby affecting the nature spirits. It takes a long time to recuperate the energy to start a healthy life again.

When we look at the dangers of climate change and the main causes of global warming, is it a surprise that fairies, who are the guardians of nature, are finally raising their voices?

Nature spirits are the guardians of nature. Fairy Voices has formed as an organization to create an awareness for their messages and existence.

In 2018, fairies raised their voices for us to record them. Hundreds of audio and video recordings are the proof for their existence. Their messages provide the obvious answer to the question, “what are the main causes of global warming?”

The fairy messages are about climate change, global warming, endangered species, animal abuse and cruelty, and anything that creates danger to nature and the animals.

We may not see the other beings from other dimensions, but we must learn to respect them. Our universe is crowded, and we are not alone.

It’s time to stop careless living. It’s time to create a bond, a friendly connection between us.

What are the main causes of global warming and climate change

Nazan Saatci with Afidouc the Dragonfly Fairy /Fairy Voices

It’s time to stop careless living. It’s time to create a bound, a friendly connection between us.

It’s time to stop careless living. It’s time to create a bound, a friendly connection between us.