Hearing Bells and Chimes

She was hearing bells and chimes, but she didn’t know what that meant or the clairaudience meaning of it all. This is not a fairytale; it’s a real story.

In 2008, Nazan Saatci started to hear a series of musical wind chimes inside her room. That was the rise of her spiritual awakening. Soon after, the unbelievable happened and these continuous incidents have turned into a phenomenon.

hearing bells and chimes

Nazan Saatci while recording the fairy voices

Dragonfly faerie Afidouc

Fairy Voices while recording the fairies

Smiling Dragonfly Fairy 2018 Fairy Voices

Hearing bells and chimes is fairy communication

hearing bells and chimes

While Nazan is eating yogurt, Afidouc is chiming

Fairy Chimes & Fairy Dust

As she went deeper into the experience of hearing bells and chimes, Nazan came to know it was a fairy speaking to her. This miracle being was not only chiming but communicating profoundly.

In the following days, Saatci tried different ways of communicating with the fairy, some of which included leaving offerings for the fairy at her kitchen table.

Her offering table brought in more little visitors and each of their sounds were presenting different characteristics and tones. Not only their voices were different, indeed, they had different personalities too.

Nazan was sure that they were fairies, but so far, they were showing themselves as fast-moving little cloud-like beings. Each time during their visits, hearing bells and chimes was always accompanied by fairy dust.

hearing bells and chimes

Clairaudience Meaning of Fairy Communication

The messages the fairies shared were totally nature related. Soon, she started to feel devoted to nature and the animals. Since then, she can be found tending to or caring for birds or animals on a daily basis.

“I have found birds everywhere and they have always needed help. One time, I heard loud noises inside the room. I was so afraid that I even called my neighbor for help. When he came and I opened the door, we found a little sparrow on the ground dying. I gave her water and I was there for her before she died. That day, I understood what my call in this world is: helping nature and the animals. The fairies showed and explained that to me in various ways.” ~ Nazan Saatci

clairaudience meaning

Nazan Saatci with Afidouc, the dragonfly fairy

clairaudience meaning

Fairy Voices photo shoot with Afidouc, the dragonfly fairy

Her experience of hearing bells and chimes continued for a full six months and then abruptly ended. She explains those days in her own words again:

“It was very painful for me. Suddenly, I felt like I lost my family. Sitting, waiting at the kitchen table and leaving offerings for them was not helping. They had disappeared. The day a light bulb blew with a loud sound was the sign of them leaving me. Were they hurt? I didn’t know; all I know is that the experience was totally finished. I cried for days and days. I was worried and missing Afidouc, my little fairy, a lot. She was only five years old.

hearing bells and chimes

Exposing the fairies’ mission through recorded proof of hearing bells and chimes

 Nazan saatci with the dragonfly fairy -clairaudience meaning

The fairies pose for the camera

When the Fairies Returned

About ten years later in 2018, Afidouc suddenly returned, but this time, she had come with a mission.

“My heart was broken and I was about to sell the house and move from the area. This time, they offered me their voices and even different-shaped appearances.”

Receiving permission to record their voices, Nazan finally realized that they had an important and meaningful message for the world. Soon after, with their continuous help, she created a series of recordings and videos of their original voices and dragonfly appearances.

Under the light of their funneled information, she now understood their mission. These energy beings, also known as nature spirits or fairies, were “the guardians of nature.”

After a lot of audio and video recordings, Nazan finally established an organization called Fairy Voices for their awareness. You can read more about their messages and mission on our Why Fairy Voices Was Formed page.

Fairy Voices Mission

At Fairy Voices, we believe that the fairies’ messages present a clairaudience meaning that comes from nature and will reinforce the relationship between humans, nature, and the animals. Their videos will also create awareness of their forgotten existence as the guardians of nature.

We hope that this new era of enlightenment will protect nature and the animals, creating a better world by leading people to a spiritual road of love, light, and goodness.

Nazan did not know about clairaudience meaning until she researched her hearing ability. She also did intensive research to learn about the meaning of hearing bells and chimes. The fact that she was connecting with a fairy was a total shock to her.

Let’s shed the light on this subject together! If you are hearing bells and chimes too or if you have experienced other forms of clairaudience meaning, please share them on our Inspirational Stories page and help us spread their mission.

hearing bells and chimes