Let’s Raise Awareness

Animal rescue, wildlife, nature, environmental organizations, join us!

Fairy Voices is in the process of becoming a nonprofit organization. Our mission is threefold:

  1. Raise awareness for fairy and animal rescue
  2. Spread their messages
  3. Create a connection between humans, animals, nature, and their guardians (the nature spirits and fairies)

We cannot ignore the fairies’ enthusiastic efforts to create an awareness for nature and the universe!

With over 600 voice recordings and two 3-5 hour long episodes of dragonfly close contact videos, Fairy Voices was formed to be their voice.

Animal rescue, wildlife, nature, environmental organizations, Raise Awareness

Calling All Supporters of Nature, Animal Rescue, Wildlife & Environmental Organizations!

This is an open call to any masters, authors, informational website owners, and individuals who are working for the nature spirits. We love you, salute you, and we are hoping you will join us in growing together.

In addition, Fairy Voices acknowledges and appreciates the work being done by environmental, animal rescue, wildlife, animal abuse, and nature and environmental organizations. We want to partner with you!

Aside from registration and link building, we would like to have you under our umbrella so that we can help support one another since we are all striving to make a better world. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Animal, Nature & Environmental Organizations, Let’s Support Each Other!

As awareness organizations, we can support each other in many different ways…

Let’s Support Each Other on Social Media

Please follow us across our social media platforms, where you can subscribe and share our content:

And, we would love to do the same for you!

We are also open to website link building with related environmental organizations.

Please Contact Us here to get a discussion going.

Please Share Your Experiences

If you’ve had contact with fairies, you can send us your story on our Inspirational stories page. We would love to showcase your story on our site.

Visit our Inspirational Stories page here.

Purchase from Our Fairy Shop

Browse our nature-related bracelets, fairy awareness T-shirts, and other butterfly, dragonfly, and fairy gifts and accessories. Every purchase you make helps us spread awareness about our important cause.

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Co-Create Fairy-Related Products With Us

We will also have dragonfly and fairy-related items and our own designed fashion line. You can partner with us in producing them if you choose so.

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Make a Donation

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous donations of our supporters. Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to help us raise awareness for the fairies and their important message.

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As good as it may sound, being spiritual has tons of rewards, but it’s not taken seriously enough.

Fairy Voices understands this perfectly and we want to assist other spiritual individuals and associations.

We believe each of us has a profound story in our spiritual life and journey, yet if we continue on this journey alone, we might get lost at some point. Fairy Voices trusts you and salutes your higher self, and we will stand by you.

As Nazan says, “Do not give up. Never allow others to pull you down from what you believe, and always sail to wisdom and goodness. The universe will raise up whomever should reach their higher self with acts of goodness and charity.”

Animal rescue, wildlife, nature, environmental organizations, Raise Awareness

A Better World is in the Hands of Our Children

The magic begins at birth. Children are brought into the world with innocence, pure hearts, and the ability to see beyond the veil. They grow up believing in fairies and fairytales!

This magical way of thinking continues for a while, usually until they enter school and are told that fairytales are not real.

  • They then get caught up in real-life challenges. This is a result of our push to make them successful, and they lose touch with their fairy friends.
  • Compassion, love, and generosity to people, animals, wildlife, nature, and their guardians also diminish, as materialism replaces the magic in their hearts.

For a peaceful world, it’s imperative that we have spiritual children while being careful not to take that away from them.

Otherwise, we will soon see lost young people searching for their path to happiness and never attaining it, like so many of us. We need to break that cycle, and we now have the help to do so.

Please work with us to make that possible!

Animal rescue, wildlife, nature, environmental organizations, Raise Awareness

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