How to Attract Fairies

At Fairy Voices, we’ve discovered how to attract fairies with fairy offerings.

But first, let us welcome you to the Fairy Voices Organization. We are the voices of animals, nature, and their guardians—nature spirits/fairies—beautiful and intelligent elemental energy beings.

We not only hear and deliver their messages; we have also been tasked to reinforce the connection between humans, animals, nature, and their guardians.

But that is not all. Fairy Voices is here for your spiritual enlightenment too. By delivering their messages, we are illuminating the unknown. Whether you are a believer or not, you have come to the right place!

Everything you will be reading and watching is authentic information and it is the first time it’s been made available to the public by Fairy Voices.

Nazan Saatci, the founder of Fairy Voices, wasn’t trying to learn how to attract fairies, but her fairy connection started anyway in the year of 2008. Since then, her fairies have let her record their voices and have guided her to create this website.

They even appeared as red-colored dragonflies continuously for two full summers, which provided further proof of their existence.

fairy offerings A Butterfly Fairy visiting Nazan's table at night

A Butterfly Fairy visiting Nazan’s table at night

Alluring the Little Fairy with Fairy Offerings

When Nazan Saatci’s fairy communication started in 2008, she knew nothing about fairies or their realm. Every afternoon, when she got tired of writing, she would come into the kitchen to eat something, mostly plain yogurt.

Back then, Nazan ignored the consistent chimes she heard, thinking it was just wind chimes coming from outside in the garden. But soon, she realized that wasn’t the case.

The chimes were responding to her questions – they were communicating with her!

Nazan talks about those days…

“I was thrilled with the happenings. Each day, I asked myself if it was real, but then I would hear the chiming voice again. Still, I wasn’t sure.”

As time went on, Nazan realized she had in fact learned how to attract fairies.

Over time, she found more ways to communicate with her fairy. They had developed a little friendship. Her name is Afidouc, and she was only five years old at the time.

“We never forget the first time we went shopping for Afidouc. My sister and I went shopping to find a proper gift for her, and as we were doing so, we kept thinking about how weird all of this may seem to others.

We didn’t know what to buy until we saw a little Disney fairy doll. When you push its tummy, the wings light up. At the same moment, we both felt that was the gift.

That night, when we filled her table with fairy offerings (yogurt, milk, flowers and sweets as usual), it was the fairy toys that made the biggest affect right away. Each time the wings lit up, Afidouc would chime with joy.”

how to attract fairies Nazan saatci

Nazan Saatci with the Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, in 2019

What To Expect from Fairy Voices?

We love to bring magic into your life just as these intelligent energies have offered us. Therefore, Fairy Voices is a spiritual awakening organization.

It is our sincere desire to open the Fairy Voices organization and the Sanctuary, a natural habitat rich with fairies, for you to participate in these wondrous occurrences.

When you visit us, you will be welcomed by fairy garden plants and fairy herbs and flowers, all kept in a natural setting.

The Fairy Voices audio library, which was created from their actual voices, will be accessible to you on your first visit for a full-on experience together with Nazan Saatci’s dragonfly/fairy videos and photography exhibition.

The library containing data about natural healing and healing herbs and plants will also be available to you if you desire to learn more about them.

You will also be able participate in any type of reflection or meditation or to freely join our gatherings.

Additionally, our fairy-related gifts will be available at the Sanctuary and online for you to share with your friends and family when you leave Fairy Voices.

Our intentions are for all to share the magic and beauty of the fairy world with their loved ones and to spread the awareness.

How to Attract Fairies

Since Fairy Voices’ Garden and kitchen have been attracting fairies for a long time, we are making every effort to keep their sanctuary untouched. We are tending the fish pound and keeping the water circulation working continuously.

These things are important. Nazan explains why:

“Afidouc’s voice changes and her energy becomes lower if we don’t circulate the fish pound water. I have recorded those moments in my audios. Her bright chime disappears, and I shudder to hear her weak sound.

If you want to know how to attract fairies into your life, start by hearing the nature around you. When you become sensitive to nature, you will start having a connection with the nature spirits, and in return, they will bestow their gifts on you. You’ll be amazed by their kindness and intelligence.”

We revere and respect each living being known to humanity, regardless of whether they are in familiar human forms or not. Having compassion, love, and kindness for all is the key to life.

By creating awareness, Fairy Voices hopes to pull every individual out of the haze of their material lives and lead them up a spiritual path that offers miracles, goodness, harmony, love, peace, and bliss.

The Secrets of Fairy Offerings

Most importantly, we want to preserve their fairy offering table for them. It is inside the building, and we are hoping to give everyone the chance to meditate there.

Fairies love flowers, yogurt, milk, honey, chocolate, strawberry, jam, roses, rosewater, lavender, lavender water, coins, shiny objects, cake, and sweets. They love anything that smells natural and beautiful.

The Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, posing for world Awareness in 2019
The Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, posing for world Awareness in 2019

Additional Methods for How to Attract Fairies

Of course, fairy offerings work like a charm, but is that the answer to knowing how to attract fairies?

Not really…

There’s always more to do. If you’d like to invite fairies into your life, you must create nature around you. It can be a small garden, running water, or a meditation corner.

If it is still not enough, you must start serving for the universe. Work for nature and animals. Show them compassion, love, goodness, and peace. These are the main keys of the Fairy Realm.

Hate, jealousy, selfishness, pride, dishonesty, and revenge will pull you away from the mysteries and beauty of the Fairy Realm.

how to attract fairies with fairy offerings

A New Beginning is Starting, a Magical Fairy Era!

Fairy Voices is the voice of the “guardians of nature”—fairies—beautiful and loving nature spirits that are available for eyes to see and hearts to feel.

The natural world is a magical and awe-inspiring place. Yet, it is not only a place—it is an entity; a conscious living organism interconnected to a greater whole, a higher consciousness.

Fairies are connected to the elements or elemental energies just as they are in tune with the light realms.

Light is within and all around us, yet we often close ourselves off to the magic and beauty this universe has to offer.

The mind is a powerful tool, and it’s also a gateway into consciousness, wisdom, empowerment, and truth. How can we possibly be open to new experiences and miraculous connections when we are closed within our minds?

Fairy Voices offers you a world with a fairy hand-in-hand, just like William Butler Yeats’ poem.

“Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping
than you can understand.”

So, you want to know the answers to many fairy questions, such as how to attract fairies? What is the secret of fairy offerings? Etc.

With over ten years of experience in working with nature spirits, we believe our story provides the best answers.

People often don’t believe in fairies. That’s why we feel it is important to be a channel for their voices.

Yes, fairies do exist on a different plane and higher dimensions of consciousness. When we begin to understand them, learn from them, and seek their connection—which comes with loving support, wisdom, and unique guidance—we can truly enter a new era.

It is a magical Fairy Era! Don’t be left behind!

Nazan Saatci Fairy Voices Sanctuary