Butterfly Meaning

Learn butterfly meaning and discover what it means to have a butterfly sighting after death.

While the animal totem list gets longer every day as more and more peoples’ experiences are recorded, butterfly meaning is one of the most loved totems.

Butterflies are well-known for making contact with humans when they are experiencing grief and sadness in their lives.

But there is more to butterfly meaning. Butterflies also represent change and transformation. They represent hope and endurance.

butterfly meaning

A Butterfly fairy in our sanctuary

Nazan Saatci /Fairy Voices

Butterfly Sighting After the Death of a Loved One

After the death of someone close to you, a spirit animal totem can contact you to ease your sorrow. Butterfly, dragonfly or hummingbird sightings after death are common.

  • A dragonfly might come and sit at your side for hours and hours, day after day at your loved ones’ gravestone.
  • A butterfly might flutter around you for hours and land on your hand.
  • A hummingbird might appear out of nowhere and land on you or visit your home.

How does that happen? What is actually connecting with us?  What is this dragonfly or butterfly miracle?

There is a belief that deceased family members try to communicate with us as butterflies. Is it really possible? What is behind the power of these miracles?

Butterfly Meaning: A Different Take

Fairy Voices explains this type of occurrence and butterfly meaning differently.

Here, again, is Nazan’s conclusion from her experiences…

“You may be aware of their existence or not. Energy beings can be connected to a human being and live with that person and even guide that person throughout their life. This does not happen to everybody all the time, but if you are spiritual enough, open to love, very emotional, and compassionate, most likely, you have a guide from another dimension. That is your spirit animal- a fairy- such as a dragonfly, a butterfly or a hummingbird, and one day, it may connect with you.

In most of the cases, when that person dies, the energy being remains and cannot leave the environment. When the energy being sees the family members in sorrow, it tries to contact them to comfort them.

The energy you get from a spirit animal totem or even a feather that floats in front of you may have the same energy as your loved one’s did—music, fragrance, a hug full of energy, even a dream—that same feeling.

You will feel tremendous love and energy. So, you should know that there’s an energy being, a fairy, nearby trying to ease your pain.

If you understand this and ask her to, she may appear to you again. However, it is not your beloved’s deceased spirit.

It is certain that your loved one is resting in peace and definitely in a higher dimension. Typically, a human spirit has to rise with the intent to go to higher dimensions.

You are about to inherit a fairy, an energy being, that is ready to guide you as well. She may be smart, creative, and helpful.

discover butterfly meaning

discover butterfly meaning

discover butterfly meaning