There are so many things in this world that we can’t see, yet we know they are real. Wifi is a perfect example of this. Two other examples are Animism and Faesim. Now, we’ll answer the question, “What is animism?” and compare it to Faesim…

What is Animism & What is Faesim?

If you’re wondering, “what is animism?” the better question is “what is Faesim?”

Faesim is a proven phenomenon that explains the beneficial connection of fairies and humans through animals. The Fairy Voices organization stands by this belief and has contributed to its proof through hundreds of original audio and video recordings.

There is an inescapable connection between nature, animals, humans, and their guardians – the fairies, and Faesim represents that. It’s what happens when nature spirits influence animals to contact human beings to guide them with their messages for a healthier circle of life.

Comparing Animism & Faesim

 Can you see Afidouc, the dragonfly fairy posing for awareness like a jewel on her crown?

 Can you see Afidouc, the dragonfly fairy posing for awareness like a jewel on her crown?

Although Faesim and Animism have many fundamental similarities, Faesim takes it a step further and empowers humans with positive connection and achievement.

It represents the goodness. Faesim is the natural channeling connection between humans and other positive level energy beings. It is the light that guides man; it is an enlightenment.

One of the biggest steps that the universe can offer to human beings is Faesim. When humans reach a spiritual level of communication and understanding, it is an obvious step for soul evolution by God’s grand design.


The Importance of Faesim

Don’t be distracted by the enormous amount of information that is coming in. Instead, continue sailing in the spiritual evolution of higher destinations.

It is important to recognize that Faesim is not the end of the magical phenomena of the universe, but it is the beginning of it. The human soul should continually strive to reach a higher level of communication without any inner and outer distractions. To achieve this result, toxic information must continuously be eliminated.

Nazan’s book about Faesim is in the works:

Understanding the Faesim

Look for it in 2020!

What is animism

 “Let your Spirituality be your Medicine.” ~Nazan Saatci