Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

Based on years of firsthand communication with nature spirits, Nazan Saatci has learned how to connect with elemental beings. From her experiences, she has come to realize they are extremely smart. In fact, she calls them the Angles of Nature.

We are building this website with their help and with their original audio and video content.

To be able to understand, please spend some time reading the information on this website. We assure you that you’ll get firsthand and life changing, beneficial information from each page.

What Are Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings?

Nature spirits are not limited in species, and we are not limited in what to call them. They go by many names, such as fairies, faeries, fae, fey, pixies, wee folk, elementals, elemental beings, elemental energy beings, nature spirits, orbs, messengers, spiritual guides, diminutive fairies, and sprites.

Indeed, these beings are inter-dimensional creatures, mostly working for the benefit of the world and everyone in it.

Nazan says…

“With certainty, fairies are heavenly attendants of nature. They are smart energy beings using their energy to heal nature, including flora and fauna. The nature spirits take energy from light (the sun) and pass it to the ones that need that energy. A plant or a bird can easily benefit from them. Because of this, it would be right to give them a name such as Energy Donors or Angels of Nature.

When I am sad or hopeless, they provide energy to me. They always find different ways of communicating what I need to feel hopeful or happy again.” 

How to Connect with Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

When you’re wondering how to connect with nature spirits and elemental beings, how to see fairies or how to attract fairies, you need to understand that their realm is not that simple. They exist in different shapes, energy levels, and sizes. Elemental beings are also responsible for various elements of nature, such as water, fire, air, and the earth.

The key similarity and subsequent sign that they are indeed fairies is that one always feels a certain energy and inner spark within their presence.

You need to be in tune with your intuition to be able to recognize and know how to connect with nature spirits or even to know when one is around you.

While fairies are known in many shapes, sizes, and temperaments ranging from small to huge, wonderful to horrible, and accommodating to hurtful, Nazan describes them as energy beings and explains their conduct.

She says, “As you may or may not know, there are benevolent and malevolent powers known to man, but elemental beings are loaded with light and love. Fairies are magnificent energy beings that are wise, kind, and joyful. You must always stay open to the good ones.”

Nazan’s Advice for Making a Connection

Her advice on how to connect with nature spirits is to approach them gently with a pure heart. In doing so, Nazan says the following will happen…

“First of all, when elemental beings are around you, you will feel wonderful and tremendous love and positive energy. They know you more than you know yourself because they can read you as an open book.

During times of communication with my fairies, I often overlapped with them. Our audio recordings are full of those instances. The smart communication they exhibit is incredible.

The nature spirits see the energy around us, and your aura plays a big role in their communication; therefore, they must receive trust and love from you.

Goodness, love, and generosity all offer many rewards in the universe. By drawing closer to any living beings with affection and kindness, showing compassion, and trying not to hurt but rather to preserve nature, the creatures, and their guardians, your life will open to goodness and miracles, God willing.”

elemental beings

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, with Nazan Saatci in the Fairy Voices Sanctuary, 2019

Nazan Saatci with Afidouc dragonfly fairy

The Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, posing for Awareness, 2019 at Fairy Voices Sanctuary

How to connect with nature spirits

Our Dragonfly fairy is smiling for the Fairy Voices camera, 2019

elemental beings

Selfie with Afidouc in 2018

Poses by Afidouc, the Dragonfly fairy, in the Fairy Voices Sanctuary, 2019

How it Works

When you learn how to connect with nature spirits and elemental beings, it’s not uncommon for your personality to change. For example, you might start experiencing the following:

  • Feeling as though you are living in a fairytale
  • Catching yourself smiling more often
  • Experiencing feelings of tremendous love and energy
  • Feeling ready to help the universe, animals, and nature
  • Creativity and ideas pouring out of you

Whatever your age is, it will not matter anymore, and you will feel a tremendous energy and youth within you.

As you can see, it’s so worth it to learn how to connect with nature spirits so that you can taste these feelings!

How to connect with nature spirits

Experience the dragonfly fairies for yourself by learning how to connect with nature spirits and elemental beings.