Spirit Animal Totem Revealed

Learn the surprising truth behind spirit animal totem meaning so you can develop a spirit animal list.

What is my spirit animal totem?
Do I have a power animal?
In what ways can totem meaning be explained?
How do I made a spirit animal list?

Most people don’t know anything about these subjects until they feel a close connection or communication with an animal.

Now, you may be wondering what is unusual about that. After all, aren’t we all having close contact with animals to some extent?

Have you had an experience like this?

It is hard to explain the close contact with an animal that we are referring to, but how about with an insect? For example, what if you had close contact with a dragonfly or a butterfly? These creatures don’t stay in one corner for long. Butterflies have life spans as short as a few weeks and dragonflies a few months.

What if they were to continually come and visit you at the same time of the day at the same place every day for two full summers?

How about if they posed for your camera and let you film them 3 to 4 hours a day?

How about if we gave you fairy proof that they have different ways of communicating and appearing and that they have unbelievably different ways of passing on their messages?

That’s what happened to Nazan Saatci, the founder of Fairy Voices, and this website explains her experiences.

We realize you are probably here to learn more about this subject because you have had a similar experience. The unusual phenomenon behind a spirit animal totem and a spirit animal list is one that can be extremely beneficial.

The Most Common Spirit Animal List

Encountering a spirit animal totem begins with a high-powered connection with any kind of animal or insect.

While we could make a long spirit animal list, the most common spirit animal totems are:

  • Dragonfly
  • Butterfly
  • Damselfly
  • Bird
  • Hummingbird
  • Crow
  • Owl
  • Hawk
  • Cat
  • Wolf
  • Spider
  • Grasshopper
  • Bat
  • And many more

When you are creating your spirit animal list, you can, of course, include any animals and insects according to where you live and what type of animals live around you, such as foxes or bears, and even lions, tigers, elephants, eagles and more.

spirit animal totem hummingbird

Our hummingbird fairy in the Fairy Voices sanctuary, 2019

spirit animal list bee

What is a Spirit Animal Totem?

It has been believed that these power animals, otherwise known as spirit animals or spirit animal totems, are guides to protect humans and assist them in the spirit world, in both the waking and dream states.

Spirit animal totems are considered to be great teachers because they carry messages with them. It is also believed that spiritual guides do take the form of animals or shapeshift into animals.

At Fairy Voices, we like to expose an important fact…

Fairies are nature spirits; therefore, they are the power behind the animals that empower us. They don’t take the form of animals and they don’t shapeshift, but they simply contact us through the animals.

Fairies are great guides and teachers, and they are unbelievably smart energy beings. By acting through spirit animals, they are able to bring spirituality into a person’s life.

The fairies’ enthusiastic efforts to create an awareness of nature and the universe can no longer be ignored. Their messages are important, and they’re not only directed at individuals. They contain a higher purpose than that. It’s about nature, animals, and the universe.

The idea of a spirit animal totem has been disclosed and proven through over 600 voice recordings and over 3-5 hours of dragonfly close contact videos. Finally, Fairy Voices had to be formed to be their voices.

spirit animal -totem- crow- raven

The Messages Behind the Spirit Animal Totem & the Spirit Animal List

Nazan Saatci’s fairy voice communication is totally synchronized with her dragonfly and butterfly videos. Over 600 voice recordings and 3-5 hours of dragonfly close contact imagery provide proof of fairy existence and the ways they communicate.

We are sure that the miracles behind the animal spirit totem and animal symbolism are the fairies, and they are the ones communicating with us through animals.

They are not only communicating with us; they also have a vital message for the world about nature and animals.

The Guardians of Nature Are Speaing Up

We should know that fairies are the guardians of nature. They are responsible for nature and animals, and they are raising their voices to warn us.

Animal cruelty and ignorance all over the world is unbearable. How much longer are we planning to stay deaf and blind?

Finally, the fairies are raising their voices. Will you remain deaf and blind to their messages?

No one should have any doubt. It’s time to act immediately. It’s time to understand spirituality, and it’s time to raise a spiritual generation before love, mercy, and goodness are totally wiped out from the earth.

This is their act and it may be the last call for humanity.

We’d like to make an open call to any individuals, masters, authors, informational website owners, and anyone who is working with the nature spirits.

Spirit animal meaning, spirit animal totem, and spirit animal lists, we understand you; we love and salute you. At Fairy Voices, we are ready to be your voices too. Please join us and help us to deliver their messages to the world.

spirit animal -totem- toad-frog

spirit animal totem owl