How to See Fairies

Learning how to see fairies begins with understanding more about them.

You see, at one time, fairies were all connected with humans, but in time, living conflicts of different dimensions made them withdraw to their realms.

Does that mean they are not connecting with humans anymore? Absolutely not.

These highly intelligent beings work for nature, which is common to both humans and fairies. For this reason, fairies cannot be far from humans, and our ignorance to the nature of our Earth makes them even more connected to us each day.

On this website, we are only referencing one person’s encounter with fairies, and we know there are other connections being made all over the planet despite the ignorance of many people.

As an awareness organization, Fairy Voices shares the following:

  • Proof that fairies exist
  • How to see fairies
  • How to interact with the faerie realm
  • The messages they have for us
  • The ways we can interact with them through nature

learn how to see fairies Nazan-Saatci- with Dragonfly-fairy-2019

Nazan Saatci with a Dragonfly Fairy in 2018

learn how to see fairies Nazan-Saatci- with Dragonfly-fairy-2019

Nazan Saatci with a Dragonfly Fairy in 2019

Firsthand Experience of How to See Fairies

Nazan Saatci has captured evidence of fairy existence, and she knows there is no doubt to the question, “Do fairies exist?” But she knew others wouldn’t be so quick to believe her without proof. 

With permission from the fairies, she has now amassed over 600 audio recordings of fairy voices and nearly hundreds of video recordings of different fairy appearances. 

Her fairy experience is continuing at this moment, and each day, she is adding more evidence. After all, the Fairy Voices organization is ready to demonstrate proof that the answer to “Do fairies exist?” is yes! They are already communicating with human beings, and they have important messages to share.

learn how to see fairies Nazan-Saatci- with Dragonfly-fairy-2019

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, posing for Nazan Saatci in 2019

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, posing for Nazan Saatci in 2019

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, posing for Nazan Saatci in 2019

firsthand experience about how to see fairies

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, posing for Nazan Saatci at the Fairy Voices Sanctuary in 2019

A Different Take on How to See Fairies

One thing you should know when you are learning how to see fairies is that it doesn’t always take the form you would expect. Nazan Saatci knows from firsthand experience.

Nazan’s voice communication with fairies started in 2008, but it stopped after 6 months. Nazan could no longer hear her fairy, Afidouc for nearly ten years.

In 2018, a second miracle happened. Nazan’s main contact returned, and this time, Afidouc had come for a reason. She came to provide Nazan with proof about their existence. The fairies raised their voices so that Nazan could record them.

Even after four months of recording fairy voices, Nazan was still reluctant to expose the audio recordings. At that point, she had not yet learned how to see fairies, but then, the situation took a totally different turn.

The fairies showed her how to see fairies when they began to manifest themselves by influencing small creatures.

Since then, Nazan has been filming a sequence of videos together with the fairies. These films show how to see fairies in a new light. It reveals how they invest their energy and play with her in the garden in various forms, most notably as dragonflies.

Dragonfly Fairy Videos

In over one hundred dragonfly videos, which recorded two summers’ worth of episodes, you can see dragonflies hovering around Nazan closely for hours, while posing for the camera. In the past two years, Nazan has taken thousands of dragonfly pictures.

Here at Fairy Voices, you can see samples of her amazing dragonfly micro photography and images that reveal face-to-face contact with her fairies as dragonflies.

Nazan explains in her YouTube videos about her fairies, their names, how to see fairies, and how they communicate:

“Learning how to see fairies can be as simple as paying attention to nature. I have learned that fairies influence tiny living creatures while sharing their energy. Afidouc, Gasaybee, and Pagdesemu specifically, come to me as birds, hummingbirds, damselflies, butterflies, and as of late, dragonflies, and they welcome me to play in the garden.

This frolicking can keep going for a considerable length of time until the point when they get worn out. At last, they sit and pose for me. They have an explanation behind that, and they have a variety of ways to pass on their messages to us!”

gain firsthand experience about how to see fairies

Nazan Saatci with the Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, in the Fairy Voices Sanctuary

Our Best Tip on How to See Fairies

Learning How to See Fairies Means Being Open to What Happens in Nature

At Fairy Voices, we want to make it clear that fairies are around you and they are trying to communicate with you. You don’t need to know how to see fairies in pixie form, which is hard for most people to believe.

Learning how to see fairies is as simple as being open to communicating with them and they will show themselves with the forms that are familiar to you. They will appear as animals and creatures, but it only lasts for a moment or so.

The nature spirit will not stay with that animal creature very long. It may come back to the same animal or a similar one to continue that communication, but do not forget that they are energy beings and are not able to be kept.

If you try to keep the nature’s creatures or the animal in one place, it would be a form of abuse or a taking of their freedom. In that case, you’ll be harming the poor animal and the fairy will cease her communication with you right away.

Fairies are the guardians for all living beings in nature. Harming animals, torturing any nature creatures or plants, no matter their size or form, will make them retaliate.

Respect and love for Nature is the Key

If you show respect and love and care to their world, fairies will be your intelligent, jolly friends, and you can deepen your communication with them. You cannot imagine how much they have to offer you when you learn how to see fairies in this new light.

If it is hard to understand, please think of them as the angels of nature. Protecting nature and any living forms are their duty and ours as well.

You know how to see fairies now from this firsthand experience. They are around you. Just pay attention with a different mind and with love in your heart. A friendly butterfly, dragonfly or hummingbird can be the vehicle for a fairy to reach you.

With this awakening, Fairy Voices strongly hopes and believes that more and more people will chose to be spiritual and to understand that we need to be more respectful of nature, animals, and their guardians.

Now that we got the answer to our question of “how to see fairies”, let’s briefly repeat the key points. We should approach nature and all creatures living in it with love and respect. We should work for nature and do everything we can to prevent harm to animals and nature. Then we can go much further than seeing fairies and win their friendship.

As Fairy Sounds, we believe that Fairies bring luck, we want to make a good wish for you; for to make good deeds in this world: May your fairies be abundant!

Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy, posing for Nazan Saatci in 2019

Nazan Saatci with the Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc, in 2019