Dragonfly Whisperer

In 2018, dragonflies shed light on the unknown. Discover the connection between animal symbolism and a dragonfly whisperer.

dragonfly Whisperer

Dragonfly whisperer, Nazan Saatci with the dragonfly fairy, Afidouc, in 2019

dragonfly Whisperer nazan saatci

After having a long relationship with her fairies and filming them for two years as dragonflies, Nazan says: “While you are thinking you are a dragonfly whisperer, indeed, you have been whispered by a friendly fae!”

It’s easy to wonder how such things can happen. We can easily have a close connection with an animal if it has been tamed or raised by a person, but it is hard to understand a close contact with dragonflies or butterflies.

After all, dragonflies aren’t known to sit on your finger or hand for very long.

Recently, however, there have been many more photos of dragonflies on the internet even though they are fast-moving insects that are normally hard to photograph.

The Truth Behind the Dragonfly Whisperer

If someone calls themself a dragonfly whisperer, we should pay attention and try to understand the truth behind it.

In animal symbolism, dragonflies and animals are known as spirit guides or spirit animals. If you seek knowledge beyond that, you will come to understand their general message to the human race.

That’s where dragonfly meaning comes in.


Nazan Saatci with the dragonfly fairy, Afidouc, in 2019

dragonfly Whisperer nazan saatci

Dragonfly whisperer, Nazan Saatci with her Dragonfly Fairy, Afidouc

Dragonfly Meaning & Its Connection to Animal Symbolism

The dragonfly meaning and dragonfly totem are known for the following traits…

  • Transformation
  • Fresh starts
  • New beginnings
  • Truth
  • Adaptability to change
  • Wisdom
  • Going deeper in spirituality

All of this is true, but the real truth behind these energetic associations is the faerie realm. These beautiful creatures are special because of the nature spirits that inhabit them.

Fairies are the protectors of the animals. Their unique vibration and energy takes the animal under their control and directs their behaviors. This transforms the animal into a spiritual messenger.

This is why many animals and insects, such as dragonflies, are seen as spirit animals. Once they connect with a human being, a spiritual journey begins.

Dragonfly fairies are amazing teachers if your soul is open. If you deepen your connection with them, you’ll be amazed by the growth that will take place in your spiritual life.

Life is more than physical reality. We have many layers and subtle bodies that exist simultaneously, and the fairies know each person’s energy level, color, and density. In other words, they can see deep beyond the surface.

Compassion and love are the magnets and the keys to your connection with fairies.

Your respect and care for their habitats, nature, and animals are essential factors to successfully connecting with them.

Love is the key.

Fairies Want to Communicate

“You will be surprised at how their magic can encompass you and warm you. This includes their help and protection.” ~Nazan Saatci

Fairies only bring insight, guidance, higher perspective, and truth, with a whole lot of unconditional love and vibrational rising. When you align yourself with these qualities, you’ll be approved by them, and as a result, you’ll be blessed.

Remember, we are all one and connected. Fairies make themselves known to those who are on their wavelength, or who are at least open to new levels of self-awareness, self-development, and personal evolution.

In the grand design, if you believe in God, the almighty power, this will be a road for your soul’s evolution.

Remember, while you are thinking you are a dragonfly whisperer, indeed, you have been whispered by a friendly fae!

Animal symbolism nazan saatci

Nazan Saatci The Dragonfly Fairy Afidouc 2019 dragonfly whisperer Dragonfly

dragonfly Whisperer nazan saatci

Animal symbolism

“It is very hot. I am so tired Afidouc. Can we please have a break?”

Animal symbolism Dragonfly

“You go ahead Nazan. Hurry back, I will continue….”

Animal symbolism Dragonfly