Fairies on Global Warming

Wondering why global warming is real? Discover how the fairies see it.

In 2018, something amazing happened. Fairies gave the best answer for why global warming is real. They raised their voices and were recorded.

Yes, you heard that right. Nature is speaking. If we have ignored the warning and didn’t understand it before, now it is time to accept the fact that animals, nature, and their guardians are suffering.

At Fairy Voices, the fairies allowed us to record their voices and we are ready to spread the awareness of their existence. We are ready to deliver their message. That message is to respect other beings in nature, even the ones we can’t see.

We cannot ignore their energy and the undeniable benefits they provide us with.

Yes, they raised their voices! Are you really surprised that nature is intervening in how we treat the world and its inhabitants? I think we have expected the unexpected to happen.

why global warming is real . fairy voice has the answers

Afidouc, the Dragonfly fairy  posing for the awareness Fairy Voices.

Nazan Saatci with Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy

Nazan Saatci with Afidouc, the Dragonfly Fairy

Why is Global Warming Real? Why is it Happening?

Because of the misuse of the environment’s resources, our world faces extreme climate changes that have gone on for a very long time.

All around the world, different countries have encountered catastrophic events at an alarming rate. These include raging fires, strong earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential floods, tsunamis, and severe storms.

The world and everyone in it are experiencing almost non-stop disasters. People are undergoing hardships with high loss of life and devastating property damage.

There have been quite a few people who have contested that global warming is a fact. They claim that it is merely a natural cycle, but lately, this voice is only coming out for political reasons.

The cycle of environmental change is continuing with an incredible speed, and a worldwide temperature alteration has become undeniable.Bushfires can create their own weather we are now seeing one the best examples now  in California fires https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/

why global warming is real

Proof as to Why Global Warming is Real

“Global warming” refers to the long-term warming of the planet. In this section, we’ll provide many examples that provide proof that this is happening.

It’s Getting Hotter

According to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the year 2018 was the fourth warmest year since 1880.

And starting in 2015, the last five years have consecutively been the warmest years on record.

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) conducted a continuous temperature analysis. They found that the average global temperature on Earth increased by around 1° Celsius (2° Fahrenheit) between 1750 and 1980.

However, two-thirds of the warming cycle has occurred since 1975. This one-degree change is substantial because it takes a large amount of heat to warm all of the oceans, atmosphere, and land globally to that extent.

After all, a one- to two-degree drop was all it took to bring on the little Ice Age, while a five-degree drop buried a large portion of North America under a gigantic block of ice 20,000 years ago.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) Director Gavin A. Schmidt had this to say:

“Warming trends are strongest in the Arctic region, where 2018 saw the continued loss of sea ice. In addition, mass loss from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets continued to contribute to sea level rise. The impacts of long-term global warming are already being felt — in coastal flooding, heat waves, intense precipitation and changes in ecosystems.”

More Climate Change Proof

Are you still wondering why global warming is real? Here’s further indications of obvious climate changes on our planet:

  • Shrinking mountain glaciers
  • Accelerating ice melts in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic
  • Rising sea levels
  • Shifts in flower and plant blooming times
  • Longer fire seasons
  • Extreme weather events
  • Changing air quality https://www.airnow.gov/

Sea Surface Temperature Changes

The Indian Ocean dipole is another phenomenon and lately it shows higher than unusual sea surface temperature difference between the opposite side of the Indian Ocean. A positive Indian Ocean Dipole, meaning a wetter west and drier east, is the expectation for the future.

The temperature change has been the strongest in the last six decades for the Indian ocean. It corresponds with the highest rainfall and floods in eastern Africa and with droughts in southeast Asia and Australia.

Flooding & Fires

Indeed, The Famine Early Warning Systems Network warned about more flooding in Kenya and the Lake Victoria basin including, Rwanda Tanzania, and Burundi.

At the same time, Australian Bureau of Meteorology has warned the people of Australia about more severe fire danger which started to happen, and more bush fires are even expected.

What makes bush fires so intense and why is it continuing?

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, a cycle is forming the disasters. The heat starting the bush fires is raising smoke plume. The plume cools and forms cold pyro cumulus clouds. Thunderstorms, downbursts and lightning follows. While rain helps to stop fire, thunderstorms with additional lightning leads to additional fires.

The latest bush fires that occurred in the beginning of 2020 in Australia caused the dooms day for animals and plantation. 18.626 million hectares (46.03 million acres) were burnt and a staggering estimated one billon animals died, including koalas, kangaroos and others. Many people suffered in this disaster, and 300 people lost their lives.

These weather-changing facts are answering why global warming is real.

Now, let’s dive in further to find out what courses we can take to resolve global warming and climate change.

why global warming is real