Discover the Coronavirus meaning through messages from the fairies.

The fairies knew COVID-19 was coming!

Discover the Coronavirus meaning through messages from the fairies.
Coronavirus is the deadly army sent to fight with our defense system, and this is the war between Good and Evil.
The invisible enemy declared his Kingdom… and the fairies knew it was coming.
A Warning from the Fairies About Coronavirus Meaning
In November 2019, Afidiouc, the Fairy Being told us to take care of our health and change our diet. This was her advice as she was leaving us again for the second time in 12 years of fairy connection.

Nazan Saatci with Gasaybee Dragonfly Fairy
Yes, Afidouc is gone now. I cannot record her anymore. It is a sad and lonely time for me but this time, I am not crying. She knows how sensitive I am, and how much I cried last time so she did not leave me without making me understand that she would be back, and that she is still working for us.
How could I know all of this? I’m sure I owe you a detailed explanation. I’ll do that in my other block writings or videos because I want to concentrate on her advice about Coronavirus meaning.
NOTE: Before I discuss coronavirus meaning, please don’t forget to read the Fairy Voices website first so that you can understand the fairies more deeply.
When I received her message, I asked myself if I got it right. After all, my sister and I already eat very carefully. We always try to eat organic and healthy foods, so I was confused as to why we had to change our eating habits.
Her other advice was again about health. She wanted us to take care of our health. Again, I wondered why. None of this information made any sense to me and my sister. We were quite healthy, and we ignored her advice very quickly.


The Coronavirus  Covid-19 outbreak started in December, a month after her warning. Does that mean the fairies knew what was coming and that they were trying to prepare us? Does that mean they know the future?
I always thought they couldn’t know the future and that only God knows that. And I still believe that.
What I learned, though, is that fairies can receive information right away, way before people. How do I know that? I have had many incidents with them to demonstrate this fact. Let’s look at one of those incidents which occurred last summer.

Nazan Saatci Afidouc Dragonfly Fairy


If I were to search through my fairy recordings, I would find the day and month, but at this moment, I just want to mention the incident shortly. It was the summer of 2019 and it was a beautiful sunny day.
As my sister and I got into the car, we noticed that butterflies were rushing about and birds were crowing. I said to my sister, “they are seeing us off again.”
We passed in front of the house on the driveway. Workers were changing the roof of our neighbor’s house and the area was quite messy.
After we passed the driveway, we found ourselves on a busy highway. The traffic was quite fast as usual, but we couldn’t speed at all because we saw some dragonflies pass in front of us and we had to slow down.
I screamed with joy, “Afidouc is coming. She is following us.” Soon, it wasn’t just a few, but a flock of dragonflies passed in front of us. We had to slow down again, again, and again.
We were excited with joy. My sister kept saying, “take their photo, take a photo.” It was hard from a moving car to take their pictures, but they definitely made us slow down all the way until we arrived at our destination.
There, a dragonfly toured in the air. I was sure it was Afidouc. As I peered up at the sky, a butterfly passed. “Is that you, Pagdesemu?” I asked. She flew away as usual.
Then I went inside. I had just sat down when the owner lady from the cafeteria next door came inside and asked, “Have you noticed you have a flat tire?”
We rushed out to look at it and the right-back tire was totally flat. We had driven all the way with a flat tire. I asked her how that happened? Wouldn’t we have noticed it when we were driving?
She explained to us that a nail went into the tire, but because we never stopped, the tire didn’t deflate. Now, since we stopped the car, it went down right away, and it was totally flat.
We did not grasp it right away. It took another 20 to 30 minutes to understand what had happened since we left home…

The fairies had slowed us down to prevent a probable accident.
When I understand that, I cried in ecstasy. “Rezan,” I said to my sister, “they are  trying to protect us!” That was the moment I heard a big chime in the room, one fairy chime, and it was the first and last time I heard a chime outside of the house. (Click here to learn about fairy chimes)
Yes, they knew a nail got into our tire from the roof construction. They knew right away, and we learned about it way later.
I can mention many more examples of these kinds of incidents, but let’s stop here and try to understand how that happens. What should we learn from this incident?
As soon as the information is in the air, the fairies pick up on it.

Nazan Saatci Afidouc Dragonfly Fairy


What happened in Wuhan city, in the wet market, or in any lab close by? What conversations took place?
Have you ever seen the cages that hold those wild animals and how they have been slaughtered? Even the wild baby animals… Who heard their cries?
Our careless living has caused climate change at a great speed. How can we forget? It is estimated that one billion animals died in the Australian bush fires just a few months ago. More than 18.6 million hectares of nature were burned and disappeared. Who heard their voices?
What is happening inside of the labs all over the world? How much are the animals suffering there?
Whether humans do it willingly or not, aren’t all these doings evil enough? We should know that Evil or Good forces can act through humans. We indeed choose what to be.
So, here’s the Coronavirus meaning…

This is not a war between Coronavirus and humans. This is a war between Good and Evil. It is a war between their deadly army and our defense system known as Immunity.
Ignore the evil voices; they use us and can mesmerize us. Please try to understand the universe and understand our place in this war.
The only thing that saves us from evil is the good deeds.
It’s time to be spiritual…
It’s time to wake up…
It’s time to pray…
It’s time to meditate…
It’s time to help each other, animals, nature, and all living beings.
Otherwise, we are speeding up towards the end of the world and we will see more and worse than these in the near future. All of the religious books mention more disasters. They all say that more suffering will arrive.
The Coronavirus meaning is to remember that we are not alone in this universe. It’s time to respect others and stop creating more negative energies around us. Animal abuse, nature abuse, child abuse…
Any innocent suffering is creating dark energy that will show up as pain and suffering.
It doesn’t matter if we are good people or not, any ignorance will not be sheltered under forgiveness. There is no space left for us to be ignorant anymore.
The fairies have raised their voices to guide us. They are illuminating our road. Now, it is time to understand the universe’s system.

Coronavirus meaning


We are dealing with an unseen enemy, which has a deadly army, and our bodies are not immune to them. We got caught off guard. We did not prepare ourselves for this. We eat anything that is delicious even if it has no value to our immune system.
Most of us ended up being sick after age 60 or even 50, with things like diabetes, kidney problems, and other chronic diseases. It’s the people who already have other illnesses that are most vulnerable in this battle.
This is a smart, fast-moving, and deadly virus with a crown. Corona Virus (Covid-19) has entered into our bodies to consume our lives. With each life it takes, the evil gets stronger.
“Take care of your health…change your diet,” said Afidouc. We all need to do that, and I am passing her advice on to all of you.
We need a strong immune system to fight with the enemy. This will be our only defense. We have to be spiritual, we have to pray, and meditate. We have to be open for good only, respect the universe and all the living beings.
Fairy Voices is here for you. Do not panic and understand this coronavirus meaning. Indeed, realizing this fact is like being reborn.
Please read the Fairy Voices website in every detail to understand about animals, nature and their guardians (fairies) and their connection to us. Please be their voices and share with your friends to help spread this awareness.
I am sending my deepest condolences to everybody that has lost loved ones in this battle. Protect yourself not only physically, but spiritually as well. Use the coronavirus meaning to guide you.
God Bless all!

I wish fairies luck, joy and wisdom be with us always!

Fairy Voices
Nazan Saatci